This week, i’ve had a night with little sleep, a night with no food and a hefty session in the Indy that left me sapped and aching. They’re all circumstantial, don’t get me wrong, there is no blame to attribute but it has left me feeling more than a little broken tonight.

Meanwhile, i’ve picked up a couple of the new crop of books that have appeared lately focusing on injury. I’m not currently injured but as Dave McLeod says in Make or Break, in the very first sentance no less, “If you have bought this book before your climbing has injured you: smart move”. Okay, anyone that’s read more than a handful of posts on this blog will know i certainly don’t qualify. Still, buying them when healthy deserves half-praise, i reckon.

Now i haven’t read them yet (i only bought one of them today!) but have decided to take a leaf from the pages of these books, and have a rest night. Write a blog, make a nice meal and have a bubble bath are the orders of the evening.

It is certainly needed. Last weekend was indeed a superb one by any standards, with unmitigated success, draining me as a consequence to the point i’m secretly a little glad that i’m not likely to get out this weekend, due to rain. That said, when it rains, i’ll doubtless winge and bitch as normal.

So, there’s not much to report. This week i’ve gone back on the search again, and brushed off another boulder. More firsts should be forthcoming soon, especially once the nights get a bit lighter and the weather a bit more settled, with one boulder soon to be completed entirely and it’s location released.

It’s a weird paradox: you clean something, climb something and (reluctantly) grade it and almost instantly, you want other people to try it, enjoy it and share what you have done. On the other hand, there are rarely, in my limited experience, entire boulders that you can tick off quickly, meaning you don’t want to show other climbers your unclimbed projects, wanting to selfishly keep them all to yourself. So i’m itching to take people up there, show them what’s been done, on the condition that they leave the others alone. Is that fair?

I have no idea. So far, all the people that i’ve taken to my main little boulder, the one i’m most proud of, have been carefully selected people who don’t climb the necessary grade to take on the unclaimed lines. They are also people lacking the inclination to go and spend the time on them, or located far enough away that they can’t get there often enough to “compete”, as it were. I do not know if this is the right thing to do or not, being a first-year rookie in this activity, although from opinions i’ve gathered, it seems i’m doing the right thing. I still feel a bit guilty though.

In the meantime, i do have my little videos from my completed ascents. I can sit and bask in my own little personal glory, watching the films from last weekend. One was shown in the last post and the other is just here. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did in creating it.


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