Guess where i’m going

I went to post my latest exploits before i head off and realised that regular readers might have thought the last post was in fact my last post, from the title. Well, it’s not, things had just gone a bit flat lately in anticipation of yet another return to Fontainbleau. This time tomorrow, i should be at one of the many sandstone crags, lapping up the sun and ticking off lines.

With last summer’s unprecedented success, i’m lacking a battle plan to be honest: sitting under Carnage for a week, trying the same moves over and over, doesn’t really make any sense, especially as i should be able to repeat it with relative ease. (i hope at least!) So i’ve been spending the last few weeks trawling the internet for various Font videos looking for projects. There is no shortage out there, in fact making it a little tricky to dig out the ones i really want to try but eventually settled on a goal for my Springtime week abroad.

So the plan is to try and hit between 30 and 40 problems, with around a dozen 7s. I’m not so bothered about ticking off anything particularly tough, at the top of my grade, as i don’t really want to end up in that situation again, for another four years. That said, if it does happen, i won’t argue. More important for this trip though, is to check out new crags; explore the forest and the places i’ve not been before, and hopefully avoid Bas Curvier and l’Elephante. It’s not that they’re not great, it’s that i want to explore deeper into the forest.

So, today is all about stress, packing and trying to get out of work as soon as i can! Our ferry is at 2am tonight/tomorrow morning but the sooner we can head off, the happier i’ll be. There is another car coming tomorrow daytime, Simon heading over from Germany tomorrow and Fredrik flying out from Sweden soon as well. I’m so stoked, and will, as usual, post periodically throughout the week.

Anyway, if our trip is half as good as these guys, i’ll be pretty happy!


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