Contemplating a busy year ahead

Milestones: Intro

I often find it weird how we use arbitrary times throughout the year to take stock of our lives. New Years is the obvious one, as the calender ticks over to the next number but if you think about it, using that as a marker makes as much sense as anywhere else. Especially as climber.

Mid-season, often during the training period, when you take it away from the normal-world Christmas break, it’s an awkward time to start planning and setting goals. Frankly, you should already have your goals in place by this point and be well on your way to ticking them off.


In terms of taking stock, it’s slightly better and makes a bit more sense but not much. Granted you can assess whether your start-of-season aims are making sense but you should really be doing that a lot more regularly than once mid-season.

So from that, it would make sense to do your stock-take at the end of the season. Whether this is Spring or Autumn (Fall) makes no odds i guess, and both is probably best.

Some decisions were definitely poor and in need of stern assessment...
Some decisions were definitely poor and in need of stern assessment…

Now the problem comes with where the ends of the seasons lands! I’m told that years ago, it was a lot more definitive but now, for the keen boulderer, and more so for those willing and able to travel, it’s easily possible to climb year-round without a break. And as alluded to already, this makes picking a time to review performance and success significantly harder.

At this point, i realise this wasn’t what i wanted to talk about and i’ve strayed off topic. You see, i’m not good at stock taking and tend to just keep going, with short and long term goals but rarely with review. In fact, i’ve never actually sat down and thought about my climbing career and what i’ve done.

This was brought about by a recent comment i made to a friend: “when my climbing career comes to an end,” i said, “Prowess will certainly be a highlight.”

It took a couple of days but eventually i started wondering what the other highlights would be. So instead of an annual review, here is a series of posts, assuming my bouldering career ended today, of the best bits, some of the worst bits, any events and ascents that have shaped me into the boulderer i am today. It ranges from single moves up to huge time-spans but they’re all important in making me not only the climber i am, but the person i am today.

The first installment is coming soon


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