Milestones: And Everything Else

This is the conclusion of a series of posts all about the turning points in my climbing career. From single moves to huge time spans, these are the events that shaped me into the climber and person i am today. 

There have been ten separate posts picking just some of the highlights of my climbing career and talking about how they’ve shaped me over the years. The posts have been well received so if you’ve enjoyed them but missed one or two, they can be found in the link here

And everything else

There are so many more. Every experience, from a whole year right the way down to a single move has the potential to reshape your life from that moment on. I had more potential sections but had to draw a line somewhere or risk writing my entire life in a single article.

Moments of inspiration can come from nowhere, like a magazine article about a foreign land that drives you to go or from something much more obvious. For me, i could’ve easily talked about the films Hard Grit, Stick It and Progression but again, there simply isn’t space. Many other experiences nearly made the cut.

I’ll leave you with the knowledge that this exercise is not without merit. In going through these events with you, i’ve not only brought back many fond memories (even if it was that i made it out of Austria and home somehow) but also rekindled some old techniques i’d neglected lately. Last night’s bouldering session would’ve benefited greatly from a dose of Focused energy. It’s all the more likely, now, that the next one will.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through these. Please feel free to leave a comment to let me know or perhaps share some of your own. And here’s to the next chapter.


A huge debt of thanks should go out to so many people – anyone involved in any of the previous posts. They are FAR too numerous to mention but needless to say, if you’ve had any effect on any of the topics discussed, i owe you one. Cheers for everything. 



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