Resting sucks. You may have noticed the blog has gone particularly cold lately, with not a lot going on and, put frankly, that’s because there’s not a lot going on! I’ve opted to take a fortnight off following Fredrik’s visit, to rest everything out from the end of season and hopefully let my left hand recover a touch. Problem is that doing nothing is so undeniably fucking boring!

The week has dragged something chronic and any chance of human contact has been snapped up but a couple of trips to the pub and people coming for dinner once or twice doesn’t eat up enough time. I honestly don’t know what “normal people” do with their spare time!

It hasn’t helped that the weather has been utterly atrocious since he left, with relentless rainfall making everyone around here almost house-bound. The rivers are enormous, the roads have become streams and just stepping out of the house has the potential to soak you. An optimistic me would say it’s too wet to climb anyway, another side of me looks out the window and lifts one half of a lip thinking “man, it’s fucking horrible out there. Again.”

With not a lot to do (i’m resting from ALL exercise, not just climbing) i’ve resorted to a little work on the house. The last two days have been spent sanding and varnishing the bathroom floor. My house has always been a work in progress, for six years now, and finding time to actually get jobs done can be tricky. It’s the one bonus that now, the bathroom is beginning to look very stush indeed. Just the ceiling to do (again, sand and varnish) and i will finally have one room entirely completed!

It’ll give me something to do in the evenings this week. I’m working two evenings later in the week – something that is normally incredibly irritating but now, has become a blessing. Meanwhile, it’s a case of casing new venues, new countries, and watching lots of videos online. There really is fuck all else to do.



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