The Road to Recovery is Currently Under Water

The path to getting those pesky V9s and the elusive V10 is back on track, with indoor training sessions reigning supreme at the moment.  But the roads running like rivers, even the prospect of running my fingers over rock at the moment seems wildly optimistic to the point of pathetic.

Where, over the summer, The List proved perfect for motivation and inspiration, yesterday on my sole day off this week, i found myself cooking breakfast staring intently at the stove, refusing to even let my eyes glance in it’s direction for fear that it would be too depressing. The fact that there are very few of the lower grade problems left and that everything on there will doubtless take multiple sessions makes it even worse – a vast storm currently engulfs the UK with North Wales doing it’s bit at taking the brunt.

Not that this is unusual for this area of the world in November. Just a small weather window is often unlikely and, as i mentioned previously, i’m left thinking Fredrik and Tobias were lucky to get here just at the end of the good weather. What it does mean is that, after a fortnight resetting the body and avoiding a serious injury, now is the time to train and train hard, ready for that next dry spell, whenever it might well be.

With access to a local training facility now, time constraints are less of an issue than they have been previously. In the last week or so, i’ve clocked up a session in the wall at work, a brief sling-trainer and press up session, an Indy session and, best of all, an after work training session… after i finished work at 9pm.

It all adds to the fact this this winter could be a heavy one. The problem now is to work out the best way of organising myself. More on that one next time!


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