Snap To It

Yesterday, i was lambasting a friend for not making the most living in North Wales. Then it occurred to me that, recently, i was just as guilty.

Granted, since Fredrik left at the start of November, it’s rained relentlessly. Over the Christmas period, it even rained enough to make headline news – more so in Cumbria and Yorkshire but North Wales had it pretty bad. (That being said, Boxing day, i did enjoy driving the Defender through some awesome floods between here and Caernarfon but that’s not the point).

Instead, it’s been time to train. With access to the Mill, and a free climbing wall at work – one where i can set my own routes as well – coupled with a weekly treat to the Indy to tick off some more aggregate problems, i’ve been back inside every other day.

While this has led to my first 7c+ ever (albeit indoors) it has also led to some slightly debilitating tendinitis in my right elbow. Even typing is aggravating it slightly.

So today, something snapped me out of it. Granted, i didn’t get out of bed until half past ten, but then, i got on with things. Washing? Done. Tidying house? Super fast. Tea? Two cups in thirty minutes. Crossword? Complete and then off up the pass.

On the bottom of The List is a problem i’d not seen for real before; the Lotus 7c+. I put it on there right at the start, possibly after hearing it was good, and having seen a video, thought it would be a good project for the next dry spell. So, softshell-ed up, i jumped in the car with Tess and headed out. Drizzle meant that even scrambling over rocks to find the climb was tricky but, despite navigating with only a still taken from an online video, eventually we arrived at said problem.

And it looks good. Turns out it’s not hard to find either; something i discovered on the way back down and i quickly stumbled across the Wavelength boulder. It will undoubtedly be one of the first i’ll be checking out as soon as the pass eventually dries out.

But more than that. While it might just have been wandering in the rain looking at rocks, today was the day that dragged my sorry backside out the house to get me back en route. While i’ve said before that New Years makes little sense for goal setting, being mid-season, it’s hard to deny that 2015 was immense; both in terms of trips and ticks. And it may well be that it’s not until March 27th that i’m not able to give it a full onslaught. Nevertheless, today feels like a big step in the right direction. Here’s to the New Year.


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