On the up

If I gave the impression on my last post that we were struggling and having a tough time of it on our first full family trip, the last 24 hours have seen a significant upturn.

Yesterday, in almost every way, was much better: a lovely day walking into keswick and a much better night. Granted, we still have issues – a burnt dinner, disciplining a toddler and a fussy baby – but we’re infinitely happier as we awake on our second morning.

The first order of business yesterday was to try and get this mess in order. Camping often takes organisation and with two young children, that’s multiplied a hundred fold. That kinda afforded us the opportunity to reset and soon, kids were in the buggy and we were walking the small roads into town. The weather held off and soon we were in a fantastic cafe en route with sausage sandwiches, cream tea and big smiles.

We didn’t stay in keswick long, only to pick up some essentials from Booths supermarket (if you can ever class anything for sale in booths as essential) before reversing our route back. It may not sound like the most exciting day but it was ideal, especially considering our fragile state from the night before.

The evening, too, was much better. Rosie went down with a reasonable amount of fuss and Em “didn’t hear a peep from her all night” and Hannah only woke three times. After realising a fierce cold draught under the fly sheet of the tent, I blocked it off with bricks, rocks and turf. I don’t know how much it helped but we were all much warmer; so I’ll take the credit.

The sunshine this morning further added to the goodwill in the tent; that is until we stepped outside to a biting wind and what I’m assuming are pretty low temperatures again. The hills are still covered in snow, so we shouldn’t really be surprised that it’s still cold but the sanctuary of the heated tent always helps.

Soon we’ll head off to the Bowderstone for what will likely be the only climbing of the week. When I lived here about fifteen years ago, the Bowderstone held an almost mythical appeal, with all the lines on this hardcore bloc too tough for me back then. Ticking off something on there has been a long ambition so hopefully today is the day. Either which way, things are looking up and the family effort is rewarding us nicely.

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