Finishing the plan

In the next hour, I’ll be landing in this plane on Finnish soil and with that, my annual birthday tradition will have continued for another year.

The scenery already looks incredible, seen through the tiny windows in the plane. Thankfully flying doesn’t affect your eyes, as if I needed to hear right now, I’d be screwed, my ears are killing me. Not that I care about that.

What I didn’t care for was getting up at 4am – especially as it wasn’t child related! – but I did with little to no grumbling, knowing the reason why we were rising in the twilight was worth the effort. Tess proved the hardest to say goodbye to, although that is probably because she’s the only one who actually got up to see me before I left. I’d not really given much thought to how much I love taking my oldest travelling companion away with me and while I’m certainly not complaining, I do still miss her as much as anyone.

I had a timely reminder of the two little beings I’d left behind once we arrived in Munich Airport, where a kids play area is adorned with a small climbing wall and a picture of some mountaineers. Still, there wasn’t long to dwell on it as soon enough we were back in the air heading for Helsinki.

Its a hell of an achievement, the birthday tradition: ten years, ten birthdays, ten countries. This one, again, pulled out of the bag at the last minute; my father in law to be, Simon, who suggesting a long weekend and some city bouldering. It was a great idea and with the wheels about to hit the ground for my tenth tick, is about to become a reality.

We have two full days, a bouldering pad and not a single word of Finnish between us. Can’t wait!

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