Unexpected Pleasures

As I board a metro train heading away from the airport, Louis Armstrong sings “I guess I’m just a lucky so and so” in my ears and, in that typical way with music lyrics, it feels oddly apt.

All the stress and worry suddenly disappeared last night as I watched the shutter on the Gold Car desk close in front of me, without car keys in my hand. Weirdly, knowing I have to deal with what’s gone wrong changed my attitude and relaxed me. Now what? Well, you’ve got all your stuff, money in the bank and crucially – certainly compared to the many other sticky spots I’ve found myself in the past – a piece of technology in my pocket that tells me everything I could possibly wish to know.

The counter to this is it told me too much, leaving me struggling to pick through the options and in the end, I opted for a different counter; or an information desk. There, the lovely girl helped enormously, suggesting what turned out to be a fantastic hostel before pointing out to me the gentleman stood behind me was in the same boat and we could share a cab.

Soon after, we were parked on the hard shoulder, the two Spaniards conversing wildly trying to figure out where we were heading while I placed an enormous amount of trust in these two strangers. My faith in humanity paid off as quickly we were in suburban Barcelona checking in.

I’ve got to give huge credit to Indigo Car Hire as they’ve been very helpful and could’ve easily held me over a barrel. They haven’t, have answered late night phone calls and been very helpful. My replacement car – much more expensive but with other benefits – is now booked for 1pm today, giving me a few hours to check out this famous city; something I was slightly sad not to be able to do before.

So now I can add the Barcelona metro onto my collection of London, Paris, Helsinki and Toronto as I head for the city centre to check it out, having checked out from Airhostel Barcelona (another recommendation). And even better, I’m nicely well rested and have even had a nice cup of tea. Failure for the win I’d say!

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