Once i got past 10 articles, it dawned on me that the drop down menu couldn’t scroll down enough to see them. What’s more, with them being alphabetical, if my latest piece began with the wrong letter, it got lost at the bottom of the list.

So i have opted to create an archive page. This will contain all the older articles, or the less popular ones, or just the ones that turn out to be a bit shit. In short, it’s the second best ones.

Once you’ve polished all the stuff on the Articles page proper, check these out.

  • Resting or Resisting – Pondering when the right time to get back on the wall after a tweak or twist to one of your body parts.
  • Lunch Break – The film Hard Grit provides inspiration for this piece on inspiration, and on my life as a climber, in slightly unexpected ways
  • Holiday – Switzerland controls my focus on this article about, well, holiday destinations
  • Ailefroide – Trip report on two trips to the small Alpine destination near the French border, back in 2005 and 2006
  • Therapy -Non-climbing, this one, it is an account from 2008 of an overnight wild camp in Langdale, in the heart of the Lake District
  • Injuries – A quick look at one of the nastier falls i’ve witnessed and the dangers of drinking and bouldering…
  • Injuries Repeated – A sequel to Injuries and another fall on the same boulder problem a year later
  • Lead Climbing – Another short piece, on what could have been a really nasty fall, and an insight into my (in)ability to trad lead
  • Wall Maps of Inspiration – More rambling on the wealth of possible venues to explore and the subsequent indecision on where to go next!
  • Great (Winter Climbing) Expectations – A morning of worry before venturing out for an unknown winter route
  • Simplicity – Some musings on the need for accessories when out on the boulders
  • Yosemite: the New Everest – a rising frustration at the climbing media for focusing on one venue rose to the point of pen to paper.
  • Life Behind the Counter – a blatant rant, written a long time ago but still amusing to kill a few minutes. Please don’t take it to seriously.
  • A Seconds Retrospective (Superdirect E1 5b, Dinas Mot) – An account of my thoughts as i seconded a friend on a rare foray into trad climbing

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