As well as being an international boulderer (and many other things!) i am also a part time climbing movement coach.

With a medium such as this website, this allows me two opportunities: to selflessly try and plug my services to those in search of a coach and to share various articles written about the coaching of climbing.

Hiring Me As A Coach

So the business side of things first: i am potentially available to hire.

I have coached groups and individuals, beginners to advanced, indoors and (some) outdoors.

In terms of ability levels, i’ve coached from total beginners right the way up to advanced climbers and plenty in between, both from single sessions to working with people for over a year.

From the website you’ll be able to see i have a smattering of experience and operate on boulders getting into the elite grades and i’ve often commented that i climb a lot harder than i’m strong for. I tend to be a technical climber that can eke out that extra little bit of beta or sneaky technique to climb that tiny bit harder. What this means in coaching is i can often incorporate that into other’s climbing too.

I am based in the climbing mecca of North Wales, with two excellent climbing walls in the area but am available to travel if required. I’ve climbed all over Europe and will quite happily coach wherever i’m needed (where possible).

For more information, click here.


Meanwhile, i have a series of coaching related articles to hopefully help climbers and coaches alike. These are often a wide array of subjects but differ from the usual articles in that they tend to focus on a specific subject related to coaching or self improvement.

I’ve broken it down into two categories: articles for coaches and articles climbers. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a huge crossover but it does enable someone looking to improve themselves to narrow down which pieces to read to maximise their own performance.

Articles for coaches
  • HOT, POT and MOT. A complicated and interesting set of theories based on making the most of the holds, positions and movements involved when coaching.
  • A Moment On The Lips, A Lifetime on The Hips. A long winded title, this is all about the importance of teaching trunk rotation to climbers.
  • Floor Exercises and How Crucial They Really Are. This piece looks at how to simplify complicated climbing techniques by removing the climber from the complex situation they are in and replicating the movement in a simpler way for them to understand.
Articles for Climbers

For more details, please contact me at or leave a comment and i will contact you.


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