Most of my time climbing is spent either trying to tick boulder problems at the limit of my ability or training to push that ability a bit further. However, as well as working on my own skills and strengths, i also help others push their own standards. In short, i’m a coach.

At the back end of 2015, i completed my first coaching training – attending the BMC FUNdamentals of Climbing Workshops 1 and 2 and completing my Foundation Coaching training. It was a natural progression from years of unofficial and informal coaching at climbing walls, offering advice and help to people working their projects, normally in the 6s and below.

And it turns out i have a natural affinity for it. I have a long history of teaching through scouting and various teacher training while in my third year of University – so i find it quite natural to be able to convey a message or skill to someone.

What’s more is the way i learned to climb, again at University. It was in my second year when i started to develop into a half-decent boulderer and while others focused on getting stronger, i concentrated on improving my technique and becoming a more technical climber. I worked my footwork for session after session, did hands-free climbing over and over and analysed body movement and style to the subtlest degree.

Now, as a coach, those attributes have become invaluable. I can look at a body position and see what needs to be tweaked to increase efficiency and i’m working on an increasing series of lessons to help students become better climbers.


What I Can Offer

The number and types of session i’m currently running is constantly evolving. At the moment, i’ve broken it down into the following:

  • Analysis Session. An observation session , to be honest, where the aim is to simply identify areas for attention and maybe set some goals to address them.
  • Structured Session. A fully structured session, from warm up to evaluation, step by step to target something very specific. These can be written to fit the student and objective and generally should follow an analysis session.
  • Snippet Session. This one is much more relaxed and the most common. Expect me to don rock boots, chalk up and come join you on the bouldering wall to watch and assess your climbing while probably showing you a thing or two along the way. It’s the most relaxed session and can have huge benefits and breakthroughs.


To get in touch, e-mail me at or leave contact details in the comments below and i’ll get in touch. I’m based in North Wales and can travel, although i may have to charge expenses for travelling.

As for fees for coaching sessions, these will vary as i become more qualified. As i am currently only trained and not fully qualified, i am not charging for sessions. This will allow me to gain more experience and help people in the meantime. This will doubtless change in due course.




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