I would dearly love to dedicate the next ten years of my life travelling this wonderful and stunning area of the world, meeting the fabulous people, exploring the scenery, climbing in a wonderfully diverse variety of rock types. Every time i think about going back to Sweden, i feel a little more indebted to my good friend Fredrik, who introduced me to the country in the first place. It does have a (justified) reputation as expensive but it’s stature in the climbing community should be substantially higher.

  • Goteborg, SwedenRating: 2. The best place you’ve never heard of, with the easiest access you can imagine (to some great areas, although not as much with others) and some of the most wonderful people you will meet. Smooth seaside boulders to rough-as-a-badgers-backside granite, there is fun for all the family. Save a little cash up and just go there, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Kjugekull, SwedenRating: 1. The one you may have heard of! Sweden’s most famous crag with a hefty concentration of problems. For me it was lacking something, possibly something indescribable and we came to the conclusion it was great for a weekend or passing trip. Worth a go if you’re in the area for sure.
  • Vatervik, SwedenRating: 2. An up and coming excellent venue that will only get better. Plenty of good climbing at all grades and all in a fantastic setting.

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