The Great British Isles

My homeland, and where i undoubtedly know better than any other country. As such, I’m going to organise them in order of how well i know them, and how useful each individual page would serve the reader. This category will undoubtedly grow and grow, with the latter pages probably becoming quite small but still, i normally am able to point a boulderer in the direction of somewhere more useful in these cases.

  • Snowdonia, UK. Rating: 3. My home, my local stomping ground and my sanctuary. Many a foreign friend have i tried to tempt this way, and many more i will, no doubt. I would recommend you do the same.
  • Lancashire, UKRating: 1. Reviewed predominantly because it is a former stomping ground of mine, rather than as a mark of an outstanding area. Personally i prefer Lancashire to it’s more famous neighbour to the North, the Lake District.
  • Peak District East, UKRating: 4. The UKs premiere bouldering destination, known world wide (trust me) and the greatest concentration of quality little rocks on these treasured isles. Worthy of at least one trip from anywhere you are.
  • Dartmoor, UKRating: 0. If you’re from this way and that rating offends, i apologise but i’ve made one passing stop off and one dedicated trip and i’m not entirely convinced i’d make another. Worthwhile if you’re in the area though.
  • Torridon, ScotlandRating: 3. In the Northern reaches of the UK lies an unimaginable amount of rock, with scenery that will rival anywhere i’ve been before. In the north west tip, you’ll find what is surely one of the best bouldering venues this wilderness has to offer.
  • Glendalough, IrelandRating: 2. Apologies to anyone offended by this Irish gem in the British page but while Glendalough doesn’t qualify for it’s own section, it would be a travesty not to include such a scenic spot with such good bouldering somewhere. A great little venue that is one not to be missed.

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