In the course of events, during a long drive perhaps or a quiet wet night sat in a tent, sanity can take a bit of a hit and conversation can waver to the slightly less normal. Once in a while these slightly unhinged conversations (for example, which mythical Greek women would be best to invite to a dinner party, the conclusion that Helen of Troy would be much better than Pandora or Medusa…) can lead to something a little more substantial, even quite profound. What follows are some of my better philosophies, often with great thanks to friends of mine from the past 12 years or so. For the record, Greek women do not feature from here on…

The (World Famous) Minus Two to Five Scale.

Possibly my greatest ever thinking, with huge credit to go to Dave Boulton as one of the co-creators, this theory originated as a rather derogatory way to grade women. In our defence, we were rather young at the time, but it has since developed into a superb graduated scale of preference. My true hope is that this will eventually be adopted in other areas such as in big Business, but for now, it can be used to describe the quality of various boulder problems, crags, etc.

New New Years

January is a poor time of year to be setting your climbing resolutions so this is a novel and incredibly effective way to shuffle it to make the most of your seasons.

The Birthday Tradition

In a tradition dating back to 2010, here i look at an alternative to spending your next birthday as just another day at work.

The List

As with so much on here, it’s a simple principle that regular blog post readers will see appearing again and again. This is a way of maintaining psyche and maximising those days off to get the most of it the precious time we all have to spare.

No Retro Ticks Allowed

This is a fairly simple rule, developed at some point during the summer of 2011. It is basic, but in good grounding, and after a few months of use, has turned out to be actually surprisingly useful.

The New Venue Approach

With so many new venues visited during my first two years in North Wales, i had to rethink my thinking on trips. This has led to several differing options, depending on your goals and objectives.

The Circle of Crap

Not climbing related but fun and this page has poorly drawn illustrations to giggle at

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