The Circle of Crap

This isn’t climbing specific (or even climbing related) but i only have one website so have nowhere else to publish it. Besides, it’s still interesting.

The Circle of Crap

You’ve got to be a bit of a maths head to understand this one but only a little. Imagine a scale that goes from good to crap, with open ends so you have really good and really crap, or various other terms as you see fit. It would look a little bit like this:

Fullscreen capture 20092014 142012.bmp

When we have something we want to give a rating to, we drop it onto the line and it sits there with the rating we’ve given it. We can slide it up and down but it’s pretty simple: something is either good or it’s crap (because we rarely rate things as neutral anyway).

Fullscreen capture 20092014 143054.bmp

Now, let’s imagine that instead of a line, we have a circle (which i imagine you saw coming from the title…). We’ll put our good things at the top and our crap things at the bottom and drop things into the top of the circle like this:

Fullscreen capture 20092014 144112.bmp

This time, when we drop our thing in, it travels around the circle until it reaches it’s resting point. Good things don’t travel very far, crap things travel further. Some things are SO crap, though, that they have too much momentum. They carry on going, past the point of crap and back up to good again. Observe:

Fullscreen capture 20092014 145236.bmp

See? Pretty simple but it does go a long way to explaining how something can be so crap, it’s actually quite good. Feel free to pick whatever holes you like in this and comment to your hearts content. Or to laugh at me. Most people do that. Anyway, enjoy! Oh and sorry about the crude drawings.

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