Being privy to the most up to date kit often has it’s advantages, in that i often get chance to view and try the newest and best stuff around very soon after it comes out. Another notable perk of my job is getting to read and watch the latest films and books as soon as they hit the shelves. Feel free to check out some honest advice and info regarding the latest stuff, with the good, bad and ugly of all those things you were thinking of getting for yourself!

At the same time, there’s no point buying all the best kit if it’s not right for you! As such, here are my guidelines for buying the right sorts of bouldering kit, starting with the most important one: shoes.

Probably the most important piece of kit for any climber and as such, the most misunderstood and often poorly chosen. It is all about the fit, and going to a suitable and well respected shop is essential in getting the right pair for you, but before you do, here are some handy hints from an experienced salesman.

Pads may not seem the most technical of climbing equipment but i’ve known people get a bit stumped when trying to chose the right one. There are subtle differences which can make big differences when spending such a lot of money, most of which i’ve hopefully managed to capture here.

After having spoken to many customers about chalk bags, i figured why not write a little buying guide… A little sad, but possibly a little helpful too.

Some of the ideas and jargon you may have heard at your local shop dispelled and boiled down to what you need to know for bouldering-specific clothing. Please bear in mind if going out in the mountains proper, this isn’t that relevant to you but for the boulderers out there, could save you a few pennies.

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