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Shut Down

Shut down. After early optimism about success and my first V10, last night’s session at Sheep Pen (again) brought it all back home.

The first session back is always shit and after an enforced week off due to a friendly kickabout and a mild return of my knee injury, this was no different. Whether due to malnourishment, fatigue or just that first session failure, the session didn’t go well and while i was making the distance better than before, on that day it all went right, i was further from holding it and no closer to sending than ever.

I would probably say, after last night, that my post-Swizzy purple patch is now over and the send train is having a bit of a wait at the station. Couple that with other factors today – changeable and unpredictable weather conditions and perpetual indecision – and it’s going to take a lot to get it going again.

So i’m back in the training wall again. After a hefty warm up, i’ve set a Jerry’s Problem equivalent; different but similar enough and equally unattainable. It’s a method i’ve read about plenty before (more often written by people who find the concept laughable) and one i employed during the four-year seige on Carnage, as returning regularly was obviously impossible and to be frank, it was pissing me off. But I’ve never tried it for a local problem. In the past, i’ve just gone back to said project and kept trying, with varying success, especially on a problem that can easily be incorporated into my commute home.

With hindsight, such as trying problems like the similarly named Jerry’s Roof in the pass, simply trying over and over wasn’t good enough – especially as i was far too infrequent to actually benefit. It’s a techique i formerly faux-mocked Dave McLeod’s masterclasses with: “You go and try it, fail, go away, get stronger, some back and send”. But with a Scottish accent.

[I’d just like to point out i’ve never been to a Dave McLeod masterclass and was basing this on second hand information. Again, in hindsight, it’s probably grossly unfair and i am not advocating avoiding his sessions: he can undoubtedly do a lot better than me]

The difference now is that i can now get on the fingerboards and the campus boards. As such, i’m going to cut this short and get on with it. Psyche levels had dropped before yesterday’s session, probably contributing to my poor session, but they are slowly rising again now that i’m here.