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Exciting Admin Post Developing

So, this blog has been going for quite a while now and it’s had a couple of revamps along the way. Originally the content was quite small but it has grown significantly in that time and now (as i’m sure you can see) incorporates not only a time-killing blog but the Destinations pages (a popular online search feature), a host of new and old Articles (for more extensive time-killing), some buyers guides to Kit (for those looking for some unbiased advice on what to look for) and a few other things like the Useful Links feature.

In short, it’s growing and developing quite a following. The problem is: it still looks like a blog. And as chezdelabloc continues to grow, more from my own state of boredom than anything else, it’s becoming harder to maintain. For example, if you hover over the Articles tab above, you’ll probably notice there are more on there than are possible to click on.

The other problem i’ve got is the distinct lack of good-quality photos. I don’t necessarily mean good quality as in resolution, i more mean good images, good shots and photos that make people slow down when scrolling down and take a closer look. Like the opposite of this one:

Hmm, maybe a little highball for me...

So I’m looking for some help. The type of guy or gal i’m looking for, ideally is:

  • A website developer – someone who can (with my help/guidance/ideas) make chezdelabloc a more professional website with a bit more traffic.
  • A photographer of bouldering and boulderers – someone who wants to share their snaps online, hopefully get them noticed by more people thanks to the increased traffic!
  • Someone who wants a project – something they can play with in their spare time, develop into a site that looks awesome and that people want to return to

The last bit is important because it is purely a hobby. I cannot afford to pay you; largely because i do not earn anything from this site. In the highly unlikely event that those circumstances change in the future, this will be open to discussion but for now, look at it as good practice or good fun. For me, it’s a good place to flex my literary muscles without censorship so best to view it like that.

What’s in it for you?

I write quite a lot – some of it of better quality than others. However, as of yet, i’ve struggled to get much interest from any other the climbing publications (both in print and online). As mentioned above, i use ChezdelaBloc to flex literary muscles and have somewhere to publish bits of advice for people.

For that it’s fantastic, and as a member of the team, this would be an ideal output for you to be creative, chuck in some of your own photos (even linked from other sites like Instagram or Flickr) and play around with web design without strict restrictions on what you can and can’t do (within reason, of course).

Interested? Great! E-mail me at chezdelabloc@gmail.com or leave a comment below and we’ll take it from there!