Low Alpine Venues

The second category of Alpine venues are those that are much better suited when the weather is colder or more changeable. It is commonplace to head to these from high in the mountains in search of better conditions, for sanctuary as it were. Sadly, i’ve not found many of them that are up to scratch at this moment but i imagine i’ll find some eventually.

  • Frankenjura, GermanyRating: -1. What an enormous let down from Germany’s jewel and one of the great historical rock climbing areas in the world. The home of sport climbing has certainly kept it’s focus and has currently fought the surge of bouldering vehemently and it is such a shame. Until that situation changes, best to head elsewhere.
  • Arco, ItalyRating: -1. Another let down for a fantastically famous sport climbing venue. This time though it’s not so much the attitude as the rock itself. Either which way, not inspiring and not really worth a dedicated trip, included for those who happen to be here anyway.

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