I mention dozens of people on this blog, from all over the world more often than not and to go through and explain everyone would be nigh on impossible. Most don’t crop up often enough to make it worthwhile dedicating a whole page to each and every person.

There are an elite few though whose names pop up time and time again. This was originally a page dedicated to my canine crag companion, Tess, but as my family grew, i’ve decided they should probably have their own pages too. There’s not much on them, i’m not writing biographies of people, just enough that regular readers can get a measure of my closest and dearest friends and an idea as to why their names come up over and over.

So have a bit of a look, if you wish. Hopefully it will add some context to my posts.

  • Emily Slater
  • Rosie
  • Tess
  • Simon Rose
  • Fredrik Anderson

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